Barbara Alli was born in Ghana and grew up in Nigeria with the Yoruba culture. Since 2004 she lives in Vienna, Austria.

The story of Barbara Alli as a singer began as a six-year-old girl. She sang where she could, from morning to night. Her talent as a singer was discovered at the age of 10 years in a choir. When she came to Austria, Barbara sang in a Protestant choir, where she also began to compose. Many of her songs she wrote in her mother tongue “Yoruba”. Soon she took professional singing lessons and learned to play the piano.

Over time, artists such as Beyonce Knowles, Michael Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Asa, Angelique Kidjo, Fela Kuti, 9ice and many others inspired Barbara Alli to make her own style of music and to find her own personal style. Pop, RnB, soul, reggae, blues, funk and other styles have influenced Barbara’s way of singing. Her own style she calls “Afro-Pop”.

“With some songs I want to touch the hearts and souls of the people. With others, I want to get people to dance and enjoy their lives completely.
When I see a touched person, dancing ladies and gents and they are laughing hilarious because of my music, – I see what for I sing.”

So in the early years of her career, she started with dancing, composing her own music, to choreograph shows by herself, organized dance-workshop, sang with various bands on commercial events – and, she designed and sew the costumes for her appearances.

Then later, when she became an established artist and singer, she wanted to realize her long cherished idea, to help poor people in her homeland to live a better life. So she started to upbuilding the shop “Hand Made Story”, trading with high quality african goods and fashion. The fabrics, she bought therfore direct on public markets in her hometown and around. Only handmade was the motto, fabrics manufactured by the people themselfe, from traditional coulors and unique patterns.

Today, when Barbara Alli dances, then to the rhythm of her songs. The shows are now openings of new shops, fashion-shows on a catwalk for her own fashion-collection, and sometimes if is enough time, you can hear her still on stage.

Anyway, whenever you are looking for her, you can find her in one of her shops – but call her before because she is always busy. 🙂